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        Electrical & Automation Technology & Equiment

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        Hefei GoodTimes Automation Co., Ltd. is a technique-oriented state-level high-tech enterprise, transformed from Hefei Jinshan Science and Technology Industrial Company organized on the basis of automation institute of Hefei Cement Research and Design Institute. It is engaged and specialized in the development of the whole series of material measurement, process control, factory power distribution and electric control, monitoring and control devices for cement production as well as their manufacturing and services. The company has established a perfect quality assurance system. It is staffed with a professional team with firm grasp of the latest technology and rich practical experience. In product development, production and services, it adheres to the business concept of “Customer-centered, innovation-driven, aiming at the win-win”. The company will continue to make customers feel ^carefree, assured and content". Now the company's customers are spread all over the world covering China, Eastern Europe, Middle East, South East Asia, Central Asia, Africa and South America and etc.

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